2nd Regional Planning Committee Meeting at Danawwa Resort, Habarana

The second Regional Planning Committee meeting under Component 1 – “Pilot Landscape Planning and Management” was held at the Danawwa Resort, Habarana on the 23rd of January, 2018.

The regional and local level stakeholders and stakeholder institutions were invited for the workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to carry out a stakeholder analysis; which also included discussions about the type of information required, and the data collecting processes for landscape planning and management. 

The objectives of this workshop were to organize planning sub committees, finalize data gathering methodologies and prepare data colleting formats for each sector involved in land use management. The workshop focused on identifying the stakeholders involved in land use management, and ascertain the influence and importance of stakeholder involvement in carrying out landscape planning and management.

The full day session comprised of presentations and hands-on group exercises to identify stakeholders for Component 1.  Brainstorming and listing all relevant stakeholders with the use of analysis tools such as matrix were applied to distinguish the supportive, neutral and discouraging stakeholders; this activity was also helpful in understanding the positive and negative reactions of the target groups towards implementing and carrying out project related activities.  Three sub-committees were appointed for data collection and development of data collecting formats.

Around forty (40) participants attended this workshop. The participants comprised of regional level officers from FD, DWLC, CEA, District Sectaries Offices, Other Government Offices, CBOs and etc.